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Bringing the Outside In

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Firm News

It seems like every day carries a new cost for business owners, whether it comes in the form of government regulations, increasing health care cost, or just the cost of goods sold. With so many business clients large and small, Kennelly Business Law knows the last unexpected expense any business leader wants to see is for legal services. At KBL we have formed and represented hundreds of local businesses, so we’ve really seen it all. That experience allows our team to work with business owners to help them understand the right level of legal support for their needs, as well as help plan and budget accordingly. For many businesses, it isn’t necessary to have an in-house lawyer or legal team, and can rely on outside counsel from a firm like KBL to meet their needs without significant overhead. Here are a few general categories of levels of support for outside counsel various size and types of businesses might need.

  1. Many small businesses only require legal services on occasion, perhaps for their entity formation, for a real estate transaction, or to structure a clear contract that provides protection during a transaction for goods and services. In this case, KBL typically is able to engage with a client on an individual project basis, providing our legal insight and support without carrying large overhead costs.
  2. Other businesses, regardless of size, might need regular legal support, but aren’t large enough to justify the cost of an in-house counsel. In this case, a business might have regular needs on transactions or complex government regulations, but not enough ongoing work to require a full time role. These companies look to KBL to provide expertise on a regular basis, either through a monthly retainer or on a per-project basis.
  3. Some larger companies – even those with an in-house counsel – can have significant needs that require the ongoing support for legal services. In those instances the attorneys at KBL work closely clients to assist them with document drafting and review, employment law issues, corporate governance issues, and litigation. These relationships are typically monthly retainers that allow a company to access additional legal expertise beyond their internal teams.

All businesses encounter times where they need legal support, regardless of industry or focus. Companies large and small can be faced with challenges regarding labor law, contract review, or real estate transactions that require additional legal expertise beyond internal resources. Our team of experienced business law experts stands ready to support your legal needs. For further assistance, contact Chris Kennelly at [email protected] or any one of our dedicated attorneys at 701-478-4900.

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