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Making the Complex Simple in Banking Law

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2017 | Firm News

For many business owners, the only thing more daunting than legal matters are financial matters. Combining those two complexities is the challenging world of Bank Law – a specialty that has become one of the most complex and daunting areas of law in recent years. While the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 placed new and more in-depth restrictions and disclosures for investing, the global economic crisis of 2008 resulted in the federal government enacting significant new regulatory restrictions and consumer protections in matters of banking and finance. These regulations make it even more important for banks to have proper representation to ensure compliance. At Kennelly Business Law, our business law practice has led us to the representation of banks and financial institutions.  In that capacity, we draft loan agreements, mortgages and other necessary documents to properly document complex transactions. That means our team must constantly learn and grow to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory world governing these areas of practice. Some of the areas of specialties we’ve developed in this practice include:

  1. Foreclosures – a mortgagee rarely wants to take the difficult, expensive and painful act of foreclosing and reclaiming a property. Our legal team has extensive experience guiding lenders through this process to ensure their resources are protected and they comply with all federal standards and regulations.
  2. Loan documentation – in commercial lending, the amount of paperwork and documentation required to protect the lender and the borrower are significant. Whether the promissory note, the guaranty or the letter of credit, Kennelly Business Law have made sure our banking clients are assured of proper documentation prior to closing any loan.
  3. Trust advisory – there’s an overriding misconception that trusts are only for the very wealthy, but the reality is that trusts are a common and important tool to direct and protect assets. That said, the management of trusts carry myriad regulations and governance, an area where Kennelly Business Law has successfully advised a variety of banking clients to instill confidence in the trust management team.
  4. Litigation – An unfortunate, but necessary task for any law firm is litigation. While they’d normally like to avoid it at all costs, our banking clients know that they can trust the courtroom experience and ability of Kennelly Business Law to represent them well from brief writing through full trial, if necessary.
  5. Collections – Despite the most diligent credit validation practices of a lender, unforeseen circumstances can always drive an account past due and into collections. With a team of lawyers well versed in fair lending and credit practices and a professional approach to a difficult engagement, Kennelly Business Law has served a variety of banking clients, helping them manage the hurdles of collections.

Managing the regulatory challenges of bank law can be daunting, but the team at Kennelly Business Law is here to help. For further assistance, contact Chris Kennelly at [email protected] or any one of our dedicated attorneys at 701-478-4900.

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