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North Dakota businesses and the blue law repeal

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Business Law

A big change is happening when it comes to business regulations in North Dakota.

This is the repeal of the state’s blue laws. Under these laws, most North Dakota retail businesses were prohibited from opening before noon on Sundays. The governor recently signed a bill into law that will eliminate these bans.

When will the repeal take effect? Under the new law, retail businesses will generally be allowed to open earlier than noon on Sundays starting August 1.

Proponents of this law change argue it will help North Dakota companies stay competitive against out-of-state retailers and online sellers.

Business regulations have considerable impacts on companies. So, when such rules change, it can lead to businesses making major shifts in their operations.

It seems likely that there will be a fair number of retail companies in North Dakota who will make changes to their operating hours once the blue law repeal takes effect.

What overall impacts do you think the blue law repeal will have on companies in North Dakota and the state’s business environment?

When making operational changes in response to new laws, there are many things it is important for business owners to make sure get proper attention. This includes legal matters related to the changes, such as the formation of new contracts or the hiring and onboarding of new employees. Skilled business lawyers can help owners here in North Dakota ensure that legal issues are properly addressed when they are making significant changes when it comes to their company.

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