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Finding a lawyer for your business

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Business Law

Business owners in North Dakota should know that it’s a good idea to have a working relationship with a law firm. A law firm can help an entrepreneur with business formation, contracts and other common issues. In general, a business owner should have a relationship with a lawyer before they need legal assistance in court. If they wait until a lawsuit comes, that can truly be too late to get someone up to speed on all the legal issues connected with their business.

How to choose a firm

Over the past two decades, business law has become ever more complex, and lawyers have become more specialized at what they do. In today’s legal landscape, it’s unlikely that a business will find one lawyer who can handle everything for them. It can still be okay to go with a small, local firm, but it’s important to understand that the firm may not be able to handle everything. For example, a local lawyer may be a great choice to help someone form an LLC, but if that business is sued by a bigger business, the small law firm might refer their client out.

The advantage of using a big firm from the start is that it can likely handle any issue in-house with no outside referrals. However, larger firms charge higher prices. They have to rent larger premises, hire more assistants and so on. This means their hourly rates will be higher than a small firm, so it’s important for business owners to review their company’s needs and budget.

Before agreeing to sign with a firm of any size, it’s important to interview someone there. Are they experienced in a business owner’s industry? Is there any flexibility in payment terms or rates? Asking these questions up front can prevent disappointments later.

Legal help with business matters

Legal professionals may assist with business disputes, contracts and other matters. Company owners who have questions about business law may reach out to an experienced law firm for help.

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