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How can you apply for a commercial real estate loan?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Real Estate

For most small business owners in North Dakota, buying real estate can be an important step in growing their business and reaching new customers. Unfortunately, most people don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars on hand, which means they’ll have to take out a real estate loan. Here’s what people need to know about applying for a real estate loan.

How can people apply for a commercial real estate loan?

To qualify for a commercial real estate loan, the business will have to occupy over half the building. The business owner will also have to prove to the lender that they own a profitable business. Since many small businesses fail after the first few years, lenders are hesitant to give out loans unless they’re confident they can get their money back.

Individuals applying for a commercial real estate loan should have a high credit score and documents to prove that their business has a high cash flow. They should be prepared to show the lender their tax returns, accounting books, financial records, credit reports, business certifications and more. To increase their chances of securing a loan, they can look for cheaper properties, increase their credit score and pay off as much other debt as possible.

Where can a business owner go for help with buying property?

A small business owner might benefit from hiring an attorney at the start of their business ventures. Their attorney might help them buy real estate, draft contracts, apply for loans, manage their properties and more. An attorney might be able to help them secure the best loan option for their business, protect their rights and avoid potential lawsuits from other parties.

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