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Preparing children to inherit

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Estate Planning And Probate

High net worth people in North Dakota need to think about how to prepare their children to inherit someday. There are essentially three steps to this process. The first is to calculate how much they will be getting. The second is to think about how money will affect their lives. Finally, it’s important to communicate with adult children, so they understand what to expect and how to prepare.

Communication is key

Being open and honest with your adult children is one of the keys to estate planning for high net worth people. It’s important for them to understand that many assets fluctuate in price daily or even by the minute. Estimating an inheritance is possible, but there are really no guarantees. Having candid discussions with children serves to help manage their expectations about what they will be inheriting.

In addition to talking about what adult children will inherit, it can be useful to explore how inheritance might affect them. Some high net worth parents work to prepare their children for this even in childhood. For example, if they want to encourage philanthropy, they will ask their children to decide how much of their birthday money they’d like to donate to charity.

Some parents will also prepare children by including them in meetings about taxes or investments from a young age. Overall, raising financially literate children can be good preparation for inheriting money as an adult. When it comes to the details of estate planning, it’s always prudent to consult an experienced lawyer. They can help you craft an estate plan that will distribute your assets the way you want and hold up in court.

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