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4 tips for preparing for your divorce before you file

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Family Law

If you’re planning to get a divorce, you need to take steps to prepare. One thing to remember is that North Dakota is an equitable distribution divorce state, so that will impact the way you divorce. In an equitable distribution state, you are entitled to a fair share of your assets but not an equal one.

Knowing this, there are some steps you can take to make divorcing easier. Here are four tips to help.

  1. Figure out which assets are separate

The first tip is to figure out which assets are separate. By doing this, you’ll save certain assets for yourself by removing them from the marital property division process. For instance, if you have a home from before your marriage or received an inheritance, then those items may be separate assets that belong solely to you.

  1. Get copies of important paperwork and bank account statements

Get copies of all the important paperwork you can, such as your bank account statements and other financial documents. You’ll need these to back up your claims about assets being separate, so keep all statements, receipts and other documents in a file.

  1. Save up extra money ahead of time

Another great tip is to save money ahead of time, so you have money in a separate account when you ask for a divorce. Having financial security during a divorce can make a world of difference, so prepare early by setting aside money in your name.

  1. Do your research

Finally, do your research. Look for attorneys in your area who are well-received and who have great reviews. You should decide when you want to divorce, too, because choosing a specific time may impact your divorce in positive ways. For instance, you may want to wait until after your spouse gets a bonus at work or to make a move before you get promoted at work.

Be prepared to move forward in divorce

These are four tips that will help with planning for your divorce. Get prepared before you file, and you’ll be in a better position to get what you want out of your divorce.

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