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Divorcing? Remember these 2 things if you have children

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Family Law

Divorcing parents have to ensure they’re doing what’s necessary, so the children have what they need. This is a big transition for the kids, so both adults will have to determine what they can do to make things easier for the children.

One thing that can make a major impact on how well the kids adjust to the new way of life is having parents who truly put them first. Just because you’re divorcing doesn’t mean that you’re completely done with your ex.

1. Be willing to accept change

Not all parents have a career that enables them to keep a consistent schedule, but this doesn’t mean that the children should have to go without seeing their parents. Parents should be willing to adjust the schedule so the child can spend time with both of them. For example, during harvest season, the child’s schedule might need to change if one parent is a farmer.

2. Become a parenting team

Children often worry that they’re not going to have the support of both parents. The adults can help to quell this by working as a team. The child will see that they don’t have to worry about their parents arguing to the point that one of them misses important events, such as sporting events or school plays.

Going through a divorce is difficult for adults, but it’s also challenging for children. Because they need stability, be sure that you get the parenting plan set quickly after the split. The terms should meet the children’s needs now because you can modify the agreement as their needs change.

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