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Why confiding in your spouse could cost you in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Family Law

Money differences are one of the key factors that contribute to marriage breakups. Yet they are certainly not over when you decide to divorce, and it can be one of the biggest causes of conflict during the divorce process.

Some spouses try to circumvent these arguments by acting outside the law to keep as many assets as possible. While it’s not certain your spouse will do that, it pays to check if you have any suspicion they might.

How do spouses try to keep assets out of the divorce

When you divorce, you both need to present a list of assets. Only then can you or the court begin to work out how to divide them. Here are some signs that your spouse’s list might not be complete:

  • Recent interest in cryptocurrency: Maybe you argued about investing in virtual currencies. Perhaps you did not feel it was reliable enough. Do not rule out the possibility that your spouse moved some assets into cryptocurrencies You may be able to find hints of activity on the computer, but they can be hard to trace or access.
  • New purchases made by friends or family: Certain big investments, such as new property, may seem beyond the purchasing power of someone close to your spouse. If they suddenly make one, consider if your spouse provided some of the money without telling you.
  • Hiring a new financial advisor: If you have known your financial advisor for years and your spouse suddenly turned to someone new, it may be because the old one refused to help them move money out of your reach.

With the right legal help, you can check without your spouse ever knowing you suspect them of hiding assets in your divorce. If you find nothing, then you say nothing. If you do, you proceed to reclaim what is yours.


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