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Why does money cause so many divorces?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Family Law

Most married couples have argued about money at some point. It is one of the leading contributing factors to divorce.

Unless you are extremely lucky, you probably sacrifice a lot of time working to earn your money. So, it is understandable that money can cause friction. Here are some of the ways it can do that:

Inequal earning power

The lower earner may feel jealous. For instance, however much a modern husband helps around the house or with the kids, seeing their wife earn more than them may be a step too far.

Or a stay-at-home mom might feel that the only thing stopping her from being a strong, financially independent woman is that she sacrificed her career so her husband could pursue his.

The stress of debt or money shortages

While adversity brings come couples closer, it can tear others apart. If you are constantly wondering how you will pay the bills or feed your kids, your stress levels may be high. Hence arguments about little things can spiral out of control, especially those related to spending.

Even if you do not argue, worrying about money will leave you with less energy to be the joyous, fun-loving people you were when you met each other, making for a miserable relationship.

Financial guilt can lead you to keep secrets from each other

Honestly is crucial in a marriage. If you are too scared to tell your spouse that you spent the last five dollars on a lottery ticket, do not be surprised if they react badly when they find out. 

If money has taken your marriage beyond the point of no return, remember that there are more money debates to come. Seeking legal help to understand how property division, spousal maintenance and child support work will be crucial to ensuring divorce is a turning point in your relationship with money rather than an extension of your financial woes.

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