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2 ways your spouse might play dirty over child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Family Law

Child custody should be about doing what is best for the kids. Yet, parents often pull in opposite directions to get what they want. Those disputes can harm parental relationships for years to come, and it is almost impossible that they will not harm the children involved.

If you are unsure whether your spouse will play fair, here are some things to watch out for:

Accusing you of harming your child

You’ve always been a caring parent. That does not mean your spouse won’t try to tell the court otherwise.

Some spouses sink to the depths of making false accusations that the other parent abused their child. The police and courts will take any allegation that you threatened or harmed your kids seriously and could put a restraining order in place.

While you will hopefully prove those claims to be nonsense, the short-term damage to you and your child can be massive.

Financial deceit

A divorcing spouse might empty the bank account, so you struggle to get by. They might do this to make you suffer, to limit your ability to hire a good attorney, or in the hope that you will give in and let them get the custody deal they want. They could also do it to claim they cannot pay the divorce settlements or child support that they should.

If you are worried your spouse is not playing fair, getting legal help to prove it can help you get the custody outcome you need. Courts expect both parents to act reasonably and may punish one that does not.

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