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What amounts to an illegal eviction?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Real Estate

You may have a tenant you want out of your property for various reasons, like defaulting on rent or violating terms of the lease agreement. However, you must follow the law during the eviction of a tenant even when you have valid grounds for wanting them out.

It is essential to understand the eviction process as a landlord in North Dakota and ensure you do everything by the book. Having the proper information could help you avoid costly mistakes when evicting your tenant.

Do not frustrate your tenant’s stay

You may be tempted to confiscate the tenant’s belongings, turn off the utilities or change the door locks, thus denying your tenant access to the property to force them out. However, such hostile actions to forcefully evict your tenant are illegal.

The only way you can legally evict your tenant in North Dakota is with a State District Court order, and to get it, you must follow due process.

The potential consequences of an illegal eviction in North Dakota

If you unlawfully evict your tenant, you may face certain undesirable legal penalties if they sue you. For instance, if the tenant suffered property losses or injuries due to your actions, you may be legally liable for such damages. It could amount to a tidy sum in some cases – money you had not prepared to lose.

Looking out for your interests

If you are not well aware of the steps to take when evicting a tenant from your property, it is advisable to get the necessary legal guidance. It will help you get through the process much quicker and shield you from the potential risk of non-compliance with the law.

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