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Should you add Swedish death cleaning to your estate plan?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Estate Planning And Probate

If you have never heard of Swedish death cleaning — or döstädning, as it’s known in Swedish — you may wonder why it would be something that you ought to do.

But along with other estate-planning basics like drafting a simple will and appointing a medical and legal power of attorney, taking on this task can spare your loved ones the task of sorting through all your worldly goods once you have passed.

Why it makes good sense

Tackling Swedish death cleaning is a good way to make a hard time a little easier on your survivors. Rather than forcing them to toss out your 30-year-old bowling trophies or corsages from high school homecoming dances, do the big purge yourself and rid your home of useless clutter.

Spare them embarrassment or hurt

We all have things that may not be appropriate for survivors to view. Old diaries, private personal items, love letters from the one who got away all might cause your loved ones to question their relationship with you or make them wonder about your true intentions toward them.

You can create your own little ritual by re-reading your private moments before tossing them into the firepit and bidding adieu to your past. Leave behind just the memories that will make your loved ones have only fond thoughts of you once you’re gone.

It can be an ongoing project

Don’t feel you have to tackle the whole project in one weekend. Rather, break it down into manageable increments you do a little at a time. Along with handling the legal aspects of estate planning, doing a Swedish death cleaning can provide you peace of mind in your golden years.

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