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Contract Drafting, Review And Negotiation

Contracts are the lifeblood of a business. A successful company relies on contracts to take advantage of opportunities, avoid disputes, complete agreements with vendors and suppliers, and provide a foundation to build its employee base. Simply put, a company that fails to take care of its contracts will face difficulties.

Kennelly Business Law of Fargo has a real understanding of the North Dakota business community and what matters most to our clients. We are multigenerational North Dakotans and will provide the guidance you need with contracts at any stage, from drafting and reviewing to negotiations and litigation. We will help you take advantage of opportunities while limiting risk.

Many Types Of Business Contracts Need Attention

Our team of attorneys has worked with many companies in North Dakota and Minnesota, drafting and reviewing thousands of contracts. We also assist in contract negotiations and will oversee all aspects of a business contract. Among the contracts and contract issues with which we can help include:

  • Business partnerships
  • Property and equipment lease, sale or purchase
  • Breach of contract (litigation and negotiation)
  • Sales, including purchase orders and security agreements
  • Employee-related, including noncompete clauses, confidentiality agreements, arbitration and termination
  • Nondisclosure agreements

Our attorneys understand the uniqueness of each transaction and how different contracts work in different ways. We provide the attention you will need in every detail related to your business.

A Guiding Legal Hand To Help You Pursue Business Goals

Our lawyers have decades of business law experience and a deep understanding of business because our families have owned and run companies in the Fargo area for many years. Contracts are an essential aspect of the business world, and we can guide you. Kennelly Business Law of Fargo has worked with hundreds of business clients in understanding the importance of contracts and how they can help their businesses. We are a client-focused firm that will assist you in achieving your business goals. For a consultation, call us at 701-526-4822 or contact us online.