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Laying A Solid Foundation For Your Business

You’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business. You think you’ve got the idea and the skills to build a solid company, and, along the way, you’ve secured potential investors. But this is only the beginning of the journey that you hope will lead to your, your family’s and your employees’ success in southeastern North Dakota.

Forming a business is a complex matter that requires informed decision-making. Even though you’ve performed a great amount of research, you will need guidance in deciding the right entity for your company. The choice of entity type to form represents an essential step in growing your business the way you envisioned. Kennelly Business Law of Fargo can be the experienced legal counsel to guide and advise you on this business journey.

Choosing The Right Business Entity For You

Choosing the right business entity whether it be a limited liability company (LLC), S-corporation (S-corp) or partnership is essential because it can affect your taxes, ownership control if there is more than one owner and personal liability issues. For example, if your business is involved in a lawsuit, an LLC or S-corp status will protect business owners from having their personal assets being used to satisfy any potential liability.

The formation of your business is just the first step in how we can assist you. From there, we hope to build a solid and ongoing professional relationship with your company, advising you on many business facets. You can count on our attorneys to answer any question, provide effective guidance and review any developments that should surface.

Representing Businesses In Many Industries

We are a proud North Dakota business law firm that has represented hundreds of clients in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, retail, technology, professional services, agribusiness, real estate and insurance. Being client-focused and results-driven is key to your success and the success of Kennelly Business Law of Fargo. We share the same attributes. When you need assistance in forming your business, turn to us for guidance. Call our lawyers at 701-526-4822 or contact us online.