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Changing a company’s entity and important business law decisions

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Business Law

When a North Dakota business owner starts a company, he or she makes decisions based on an uncertain future. It’s impossible to know what a business will look like years down the road, and some of the business law choices made during the formation process may no longer make sense or work for the company. Sometimes, it may be necessary to change a company’s entity.

During the business formation process, an owner will choose the structure for the business. This is a choice that will determine the type of business a company will be, such as a limited liability company, sole proprietorship and more. This is a choice that impacts the financial responsibility the business owner will have for company debts, and it also affects taxes.

Over time, the needs and the goals of a business may change. Fortunately, it is possible to change its structure. One common reason for a North Dakota business owner to do this is to make the tax process easier or increase legal protections for the company. If it is clear that a company is drastically different from  how it was in the beginning, changing this one aspect may be necessary.

Before making any important decisions that will affect the operations of a company, an owner will find it beneficial to speak with an experienced business law attorney. An evaluation of the needs and goals of the company will determine if an entity change is appropriate. When making these kinds of choices, it is prudent to think carefully about the long-term impact before moving forward.

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