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Can you change the name of your company down the road?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Firm News

When you first started your North Dakota business, you likely labored over every decision that you needed to make. You decided the type of business structure that would work best for your company’s needs, and you decided on a business name that would allow potential consumers to immediately understand the purpose of your company.

Over the years, however, you may have expanded your company’s products or services, and feel as if the company name no longer suits the business. You may wonder whether you could change the name, and fortunately, the answer is yes.

Your business entity

The manner in which you go about changing your company’s name will depend on the type of business entity you operate. For instance, if you have a limited liability company or a corporation, you will need to file Articles of Amendment with the state, indicating your request to change the business name. The state will first have to approve the name change before you can begin operating under it. 

Additionally, once the approval occurs, you may want to check with the various other entities associated with your company to ensure that the change will not cause issues. The name change could affect your company’s bank accounts, licenses and permits, tax documents, and numerous other details, and you certainly do not want to face unnecessary issues because a part of your business still operates under the old name.

Careful consideration

Much like when you chose your original business name, you will need to go through multiple steps when choosing your new name. You cannot operate under a name already registered by another company, and you want to avoid infringing on someone else’s trademark. As a result, when choosing your new name, you will need to search for existing companies with the same name, any trademark protection for the name and other similar information.

Because you do not want a change to the company to cause unnecessary burdens, you may want to work with a business law attorney when changing your company name. Your legal support can help you determine whether the name is available and assist you in filing the correct amendment paperwork with the state. Additionally, you can obtain reliable information on the best options for making the transition to a new name as seamless as possible.

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