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The family law landscape has changed for fathers

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Family Law

Dads play a vital role in the lives of their children, but it can be difficult to maintain this relationship after divorce. In the past, dads had a particularly difficult time securing custody rights as most family courts gave preference to the mothers. Now, however, it is much easier for North Dakota fathers to preserve the relationship they have with their kids and have a strong presence in their lives due to changing family law norms.

Joint custody is now more common than ever, which is where parents share the time they have with their kids. While this may not always be a 50-50 split, it is an arrangement that allows children to have regular access and meaningful time with both parents. In a true joint custody arrangement, parents will also share legal custody, which is where they both have a say in making important decisions in the lives of their kids. 

One reason for this shift is a change in gender roles in the home and a shifting cultural perspective on the importance of fathers in the lives of their kids. People are more likely now to recognize that children need both parents after a divorce for the sake of their mental and emotional health. There is also a greater concern with minimizing the negative impact of a divorce on a child. 

Child custody is a complex family law issue. When making choices that will affect an entire North Dakota family, a parent may want to discuss his or her concerns with an experienced attorney. The terms of a custody order are important, and it will be helpful to think carefully about the implications of all decisions. 

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