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Reasons for divorce vary greatly

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Family Law

Ending a marriage isn’t usually an easy decision, but it’s one that’s sometimes necessary. While many people may think that divorce is usually the result of a one-time event, such as an affair, this isn’t necessarily the case.

There are many causes of divorce. Some of these are the result of long-term problems in the marriage instead of those single events. Understanding these issues might help you preserve your marital relationship, but it might also clue you in to how damaged the marriage really is.

What long-term issues might lead to divorce?

It’s possible that some of these issues might seem so minor that you may not think that they can lead to divorce. The problem with these is that they may fester to the point that they destroy your relationship. Be on the lookout for these:

  • Differences with money
  • Frequent fights, sometimes over minuscule matters
  • Changes in compatibility, partly due to changes in values or interests
  • Turning to activities and people outside of the marriage for fulfillment
  • Lack of intimacy, in or out of the bedroom
  • Having an affair, including physical or emotional
  • Addiction to substances or things like pornography or shopping
  • Abuse in the marriage
  • Lack of care or an unwillingness to work on the marriage
  • Problems with the in-laws

If they’re caught early, the issues might be able to be corrected. If there isn’t any hope for correcting the problems, divorce is imminent.

Anyone who is dealing with a divorce should ensure they’re doing what they can to protect their rights. This includes reviewing the options that are present at each step in the divorce. Whether you’re dealing with contentious child custody or high-asset property division, your divorce team should do what’s in your best interests.

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