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3 tips for making custody work as a working parent

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2022 | Family Law

As a divorcing parent, you might want to dedicate all your time to your child to help them through the changes. The reality is that you probably need to spend a considerable amount of time working. Running a household alone can be costly, and you may even need to work harder than before.

Your child needs your time, but they also need the money you earn by going to work. How can you balance this conundrum?

Make a budget

Creating a budget allows you to calculate how much you need to work. It also helps you control your spending, making it more likely that the money you earn covers what you need.

Understanding your future budget before entering divorce negotiations allows you to set realistic financial goals regarding property division and support payments.

Accept help where available

If you go all out to get maximum time with your child, you forfeit the opportunity to have your co-parent take some of the burden. A more even share allows you both time to work. 

Help may also be available from others. If your in-laws live close by, they might be delighted to pick up your child from school and look after them until you get home. While they might be upset about the divorce, they are still your child’s grandparents, so do your best to maintain good relations.

Talk to your boss

Explaining how you need to dedicate more time to your child and leave on time each day might feel intimidating, but it’s something you have to do. If your boss values you, they will understand. You might be surprised at how far they will go to accommodate your needs.

Getting legal help to reach a fair custody agreement and financial settlement will be crucial to achieving the right balance between parenting and work.

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