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When should you draft contracts when forming your business?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Business Law

Forming a business can be exciting and overwhelming. You may be excited that you are fulfilling your dream, but simultaneously have to make crucial decisions regarding financing, business structure, marketing approaches, objectives and hiring among others. And as a result, you may forget or postpone drafting contracts. 

Agreements will offer your business significant benefits, but when is the right time to create them? Here is what you need to know

Do it while forming your business

You don’t need to finish creating your business until it launches to start writing your contracts. You can do it when forming it. Of course, you may not have adequate information to include in the agreements or even the parties to sign them, but you can start with the information you have and then update them as time goes by. 

Ensure they are binding

Despite your first contracts lacking all the needed information, they should be binding. For this reason, consider having an attorney review them to determine if they offer the protection you are looking for.

How often should you update your contracts?

It can be unprofessional to give the parties you work with contracts now and then. Thus, while it’s understandable your first contract may be simple, you should ensure the next one is comprehensive. You can take time before giving the next contract. 

The goal is to have contracts while starting and updating it as time goes by. You don’t want to agree on things verbally with clients, suppliers, partners and employees. And you also don’t want to use a contract that doesn’t offer utmost protection for years.

Contracts are crucial in business. With legal guidance, you should draft top-notch contracts and update them when needed.

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