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Safeguard your legacy by keeping your will current

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | Estate Planning And Probate

Creating a powerful will is about much more than making final arrangements. It also involves giving your loved ones peace of mind during a difficult time in their lives.

Of course, the comfort of having your estate matters settled is beneficial, but an outdated, invalid or missing will can throw everything into disarray. The following tips may help keep your estate and other vital documents secure and effective.

Get regular reviews and updates

Life throws its share of curveballs. Marriage, new children or tragic losses generally require will updates. Schedule annual reviews when life flows serenely, and update your plan promptly after significant events. Be careful – a busy schedule can become a convenient excuse.

Stay on top of the law

Laws regarding wills, trusts and additional estate documents vary from state to state and are always subject to change. Oral or spoken wills, for example, are not recognized in North Dakota. Always stay informed of legal changes to ensure your plan remains watertight.

Properly store documents

A missing will can mean unfulfilled wishes and heartbreak for your family as they try to decipher your wishes without guidance. Choose a secure location, like with your executor or in a locked safe. Make sure someone you trust knows the exact location and access details. Don’t let your wishes get lost in the shuffle.

As you can see, estate planning demands more than completing paperwork. You must understand its legal nuances to ensure that there are no gaps. Seek legal guidance to navigate these intricacies and create effective strategies for smart estate planning.

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