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The Right Lawyers For Real Estate Purchases And Sales

Prospective commercial and residential property buyers and sellers do their research. They seek the right locations and markets and look for an ideal lender for financing. But something they occasionally overlook is having a knowledgeable attorney who can guide them through their real estate transactions and ensure that the benefit the deal represents is protected.

Kennelly Business Law of Fargo is a team of lawyers who understand North Dakota business and has represented numerous clients in the state as well as in Minnesota. We are a client-focused firm that understands every property is unique. Special attention is devoted to our clients who pursue the purchase or sale of any real estate property.

Investors In Commercial And Residential Real Estate

We represent buyers and sellers in every aspect related to the sale and purchase of real estate. This includes the negotiation and drafting of contracts, title examination and due diligence.

Business owners and families alike can benefit from our services. A real estate purchase or sale provides a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers. For example, a property purchase may represent an investment that launches your company toward growth and success. Or the sale of a home can allow your family to move up in life and into a new and larger home.

Having the right lawyer in either scenario can help shepherd your transaction, while also protecting it and preventing any disputes that may potentially derail the deal. If litigation is required to resolve an issue, we have the experience and skill to secure the best possible outcome.

We Understand Real Estate. We Are Here For You.

The purchase and sale of real estate can by complicated and time-consuming. When you have uncertainties, it’s a good decision to contact a respected law firm. At Kennelly Business Law of Fargo, we know the details of business law, including purchases and sales of real estate. We are a group of multigenerational North Dakotans who come from small-business backgrounds. For a consultation, contact our lawyers at 701-526-4822.